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Birth Support

A woman, as long as she lives, will remember how she was made to feel at her birth.
-Anna Verwaal

When it comes to birth, it is crucial for you take part in the decision-making process and feel respected during this life-changing experience.

While no one intends to start this new chapter of their life traumatized, it's estimated 25-34% of women view aspects of their childbirth as traumatic, and approximately 1/3 of these women go on to develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  The ongoing effects of this trauma can last well beyond the immediate postpartum period.  This staggering statistic only emphasizes the importance that every birthing person receives trauma-informed birth support. 

Although I have worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 7 years, as your birth coach, I DO NOT perform clinical tasks (blood pressures, temperatures, fetal heart tones, vaginal examinations, etc.) but rather complement your birth team with unparalleled emotional, physical, and spiritual support. 

I have served families in . . .​​

  • low-risk pregnancies

  • high-risk pregnancies

  • low intervention births

  • high intervention births

  • "natural" or unmedicated births

  • medicated births

  • vaginal births

  • scheduled cesareans

  • unplanned cesareans

  • emergency cesareans

  • VBACs or vaginal births after cesarean

  • nursery stays

  • NICU stays

  • stillbirths and loss

With my steadfast and soulful presence, I make sure both you and your partner's needs are met, while anchoring any anxiousness that might pull you from your birthing body. You will feel held in a safe and supportive space, allowing you to let go and surrender to the magic at hand.​

Alongside emotional support, I have additional training and experience in . . .

  • Spinning Babies® workshop techniques 

  • acupressure 

  • massage

  • aromatherapy

  • rebozo manteada

  • birthing/peanut balls

  • hydrotherapy


​Serving Kansas families from Wichita to Kansas City.

***virtual*** options available at a discounted rate​

a $1200 birth package includes:

  • a free discovery call to ensure I am the right fit for you and your birth team

  • 1-2 prenatal visits to get to know you, your partner, and your provider

  • unlimited text/telephone support from time of booking

  • continuous in-person support during active labor and birth

  • 'first latch' breastfeeding support

  • 1-2 postpartum visits ​

Scheduling Information:

Please email or call/text at 620-222-8514, as soon as possible. 

My availability is limited for the rest of 2020.

Payment Information:

I take many forms of payment: cash, check, HSA, FSA, debit, and credit cards. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is due upon hire. The remaining balance ($700) is due by 36 weeks gestation. Monthly payment plans are encouraged and accepted. 

At this time, The Midwest Momma Collective is not in contract with any insurance company. A receipt will be provided per client request and can be used to file for possible insurance reimbursement. NPI and EIN numbers will be provided; however, this does not guarantee reimbursement.

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