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A natural-born nurturer, I've spent 10 years supporting families as an obstetrical nurse, IBCLC lactation consultant, and postpartum doula during the vulnerable moments of childbirth and first months postpartum.

It was obvious lactation education varied greatly amongst hospital staff (comprehensive, evidence-based breastfeeding education is NOT covered in nursing/medical school) so I started the process of becoming an IBCLC early on in my professional career.

After a few years of continuing education and 1,000+ clinical hours, I was able to sit and successfully pass the IBCLC exam.

This motivated me to learn, educate, and empower women in all things maternal/infant health: family planning, pregnancy, labor, childbirth, postpartum, and parenting.  


It was my own postpartum journey that changed my life forever. 

After a beautiful pregnancy, fast labor, and uneventful birth of our baby, my instincts were ignored with the birth of my placenta. It took three days to receive the surgery I begged for just hours after becoming a mom. 

Unfortunately, I suffered in silence from undiagnosed PTSD for my baby's first 18 months of life. 18 months I could have been thriving, and not just surviving as a new momma.


It became clear, my education, research, and credentials simply weren't enough . . . 

a mother's instincts can be life-saving, and should never be ignored.  

So, my journey as an intuitively-led birth coach and postpartum doula began.

The Midwest Momma Collective provides emotional, physical, and spiritual support in every stage of your journey . . . informing you of your choices, guiding you in times of uncertainty, all while honoring our amazing instincts as new mommas. 

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