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Preconception Planning

Imagine knowing your options and feeling confident in your choices before conceiving.

This unique service allows you and your partner to lay a solid foundation before your relationship, lifestyle, and family dynamic inevitably change.

Whether you are planning your first, or your fifth baby, a preconception planning session can bring clarity around conscious conception, leaving everyone feeling empowered for the transition ahead.


Lactation Education

Prenatal education is key if you have plans to breastfeed, chestfeed, or express milk for your baby.

This information will be easier to remember when you aren't in pain, sleep-deprived, and desperate for a quick fix with a crying baby in your arms.

My education is tailored to you and your feeding goals and addresses common problems many families face in the first hours, days, weeks, months, and even years postpartum.

You will feel capable and confident to recognize when things are going well, and when to find additional support from a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) .


Birth Education + Planning

There will never be a crystal ball when it comes to birth. 

I am committed to providing birth education so you can make informed choices, and feel calm and confident leading up to baby's big day.

A birth education + planning session guides you through the decision-making process as you write out your birth plan, and how to confidently communicate these preferences to your providers. 

Knowing all of your available options can help you make informed decisions and maintain that sense of control, even if your ideal labor/birth would not go as "planned". 


Lactation Support

Breastfeeding may be "natural", but it is a learned skill that can take some time before becoming second-nature. 

My one-on-one consultations, make it possible for families to not have to "figure it out" alone.

Although family, friends, and even some providers are well-meaning when problems arise, your feeding goals deserve an evidenced-based approach from a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC).

As your expert in infant feeding, I bring my hospital-grade resources to you, while you rest & recover in the comfort of your own home.


Birth Support

Every birthing person deserves emotional, physical, & spiritual support during their labor.

Research shows us, continuous labor support improves birth outcomes for both mom and baby.

However, current maternal health systems are not providing this level of support, and we continue to see the negative impacts today. 

As your birth coach, I am a constant, calming presence for you and your partner, making sure you are never left to navigate this vulnerable time alone. 

You will feel confident to choose what is best for your body and baby, and my presence serves as a reminder that those choices matter.


Postpartum Support

While everyone's attention shifts to your new baby, as your postpartum doula, my focus remains on you and your family as a whole.

Each postpartum session is personalized with your immediate needs in mind. 

While making sure you rest and recover, I also hold space for you to feel whatever needs to be felt on an emotional and spiritual level. 

This sacred time is honored with comforting self-care practices at the core.

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