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Postpartum Support

Everyone wants to hold the baby, who will hold the mother?
- Jabina Coleman

As your postpartum doula, I see you in your own birth as a new parent.

While tending to the needs of your evolving family, I give you and your partner an opportunity to breathe, reflect, enjoy, and embrace this period of transition. 

You will be given a chance to laugh, cry, and feel anything needing to be felt, in a safe and supported space.

Family leave laws vary in the United States, but for the majority, paid maternity/paternity leave has yet to be mandated. 

Unfortunately, one parent is often left to navigate the first months alone, and many birthing people are returning to work before their body has physically or emotionally recovered, some as early as two weeks postpartum. 

Having a postpartum doula can ease the isolation we feel as new parents, and allows working partners time to enjoy their baby before returning to work.

Our time together could include . . .

  • birth debriefing

  • physical / emotional / educational support

  • parenting resources

  • help with newborn cares

  • help with postpartum cares

  • help with sibling cares

  • help with pet cares

  • uninterrupted - sleep - for parents

  • grocery shopping

  • nutrient-dense meal prep

  • dishes / laundry / light housework

I also bring my expertise as a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) to ensure you feel supported with evidence-based resources if you choose to breastfeed, chestfeed, or provide pumped milk for your baby.

My desire is for you to feel well enough to cherish your early postpartum experiences and confident enough to embrace your natural-born instincts.


Serving Kansas families from Wichita to Kansas City.

1 : 1 in-person support

$175 / 4-hour session 

Scheduling Information:

Please email or call/text at 620-222-8514. 

Payment Information:

I take many forms of payment at time of service: cash, check, HSA, FSA, debit, and credit cards.

At this time, The Midwest Momma Collective is not in contract with any insurance company. A receipt will be provided per client request and can be used to file for possible insurance reimbursement. NPI and EIN numbers will be provided; however, this does not guarantee reimbursement.

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