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Lactation Education

While general lactation education does it’s best to address the basics, learning from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) can make all the difference before you and baby are faced with challenges in your feeding journey.

Much like birth, you’ll hear nursing stories that leave you feeling defeated before your baby is ever born. But for every horror story, there is another one to motivate, empower, and encourage you as you decide which feeding method will work best for you and your family's lifestyle. 

Like all my services, my education is research-based and tailored to you and your breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and/or bottle-feeding goals. 

Together, we cover . . .

  • getting the perfect, pain-free latch 

  • mastering multiple feeding positions

  • alternative feeding methods: spoon, cup, SNS, bottle, etc.

  • returning to work

  • choosing the best pump & flange size 

  • pumping tips, tricks, & techniques

  • storing milk safely 

  • introducing solids 

  • weaning 

and how to troubleshoot . . .

  • a non-latching, sleepy, or fussy baby

  • feeding multiples

  • infant weight-loss

  • nipple pain

  • nipple trauma: cracking, bleeding, scabbing, or open wounds

  • flat/inverted nipples

  • engorgement

  • plugged ducts

  • mastitis

  • low supply/oversupply 

This information will leave you feeling CONFIDENT in your feeding choices, well before you find that new baby on your chest.


Serving Kansas families from Wichita to Kansas City.

1:1 in-person classes starting at $200.

Scheduling Information:

Please email or call/text at 620-222-8514. 

Payment Information:

I take many forms of payment at time of service: cash, check, HSA, FSA, debit, and credit cards.

At this time, The Midwest Momma Collective is not in contract with any insurance company. A receipt will be provided per client request and can be used to file for possible insurance reimbursement. NPI and EIN numbers will be provided; however, this does not guarantee reimbursement.

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