Lactation Support

As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I have achieved the highest certification and the only internationally recognized credential in the field of lactation.

I have education, training, and experience with complex feeding issues and my recommendations are evidence-based and tailored to you and your breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and/or pumping goals. 

For some, feeding feels like an easy extension of motherhood, with nothing more than sore nipples to make those first few days challenging. 

But for the majority of parents, it takes time, patience, practice, and more importantly, support, for you and baby to find your own unique rhythm.

Social media platforms are great for general breastfeeding questions, but myths and misinformation run rampant in these spaces. What worked for one mom, may not work for you and your unique breastfeeding journey. This can leave you feeling frustrated and still without practical, research-based recommendations from an expert in this field. 

Consults could include . . .

  • getting the perfect, pain-free latch 

  • mastering multiple feeding positions

  • alternative feeding methods: spoon, cup, SNS, bottle, etc

  • choosing the best pump & flange size 

  • pumping tips, tricks, & techniques

  • storing milk safely 

  • introducing solids 

  • parent-led vs. baby-led weaning 

  • inducing lactation & re-lactation

  • feeding multiples

Common concerns also addressed . . .

  • a non-latching, sleepy, or fussy baby

  • infant weight-loss

  • nipple pain

  • nipple trauma: cracking, bleeding, scabbing, or open wounds

  • flat/inverted nipples

  • ​tethered oral tissue: lip, buccal, and/or tongue ties

  • engorgement

  • plugged ducts

  • mastitis

  • low supply/oversupply 

I work closely with you and your baby’s provider and use local resources: chiropractors, bodyworkers, physical therapists, and tongue-tie experts if complex issues require a referral.

Together, we create a custom care plan that leaves you feeling confident to conquer whatever breastfeeding hurdle comes your way.


Serving Kansas families from Wichita to Kansas City.

***NEW*** hOMe holistic consult 

7927 Floyd St, Overland Park, KS 66204

$150 / initial appointment

$125 / follow-up appointment

***virtual*** consult

$50 / 25-minute appointment

in-hOMe consult (emporia)

$125 / initial appointment

$100 / follow-up appointment

in-hOMe consult (wichita, topeka, kansas city)

$175 / initial appointment

$150 / follow-up appointment