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Birth Education + Planning

While working as an obstetrical nurse, we decided to start a family of our own.

I was fortunate to have many years of labor and delivery experience and had every scenario rehearsed, just in case my birth didn't go as "planned". 

But for the majority of families, this knowledge is rarely passed on to you in a 10-minute prenatal appointment before hopping on the conveyor belt of birth. And many hospital-run childbirth classes adopt a "one size fits all" approach, delivered in line with their own practice, procedures, and policies.

All of these scenarios can leave you feeling unprepared, misguided, or disappointed in the least.

While no one intends to start this new chapter of their life traumatized, we estimate 25-34% of women view aspects of their childbirth as traumatic, and approximately 1/3 of these women go on to develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The ongoing effects of such trauma can last well beyond the immediate postpartum period, and this only emphasizes the importance of prenatal preparedness. 

This is where a birth education + planning consult comes into play.

If you would like an unmedicated labor, this class will leave you with actionable steps to implement before, during, and after labor begins. And if your pregnancy becomes high-risk, or you want medicine for pain relief, you will be informed and can confidently communicate these desires to your provider.   

Every birth is unique, and there may be moments out of your control, but knowing your options and how to effectively communicate your decisions is vital to holding on to that empowering birth experience. 

Together, we tailor my birth education to you, addressing any areas of concern, while reviewing key moments in pregnancy, labor, and birth where your decision making will be needed. ​


Serving Kansas families from Wichita to Kansas City.

1:1 in-person classes starting at $200.

Scheduling Information:

Please email or call/text at 620-222-8514. 

Payment Information:

I take many forms of payment at time of service: cash, check, HSA, FSA, debit, and credit cards.

At this time, The Midwest Momma Collective is not in contract with any insurance company. A receipt will be provided per client request and can be used to file for possible insurance reimbursement. NPI and EIN numbers will be provided; however, this does not guarantee reimbursement.

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